The Front Porch on Yelp

By Dustin H.
Denver, CO

Stay classy Front Porch. By the crew ever-present outside the door getting their nicotine fix, I figured I would be walking in to a typical dive bar. Candles everywhere, a large communal table, and tree trunks jutting out of one wall let you get your Charlie Sheen on while still feeling more like George Clooney.

Wednesday night is flip night. Order your drinks. The bartender spins a quarter. You call heads or tails, and the bartender slaps the quarter down on the bar. Get it right and you walk away in blissful victory with whatever you ordered. Get it wrong and pay the reasonable price for your drinks. Please, please, please do not forget to tip the bartender. I saw a lot of rude and inconsiderate people just walk away from the bar with their winnings.

It’s fun to watch everyone grow more bold as the night goes on. At the beginning of the night I won two PBRs and we ended the night when my buddy lost buying a round of Patron for the five of us. I had extremely low expectations for this place, but The Front Porch turned out to be the coziest, classiest little dive bar around. See you next Wednesday.