The Front Porch in Westword

Best Place to Flip Out – 2008

The Front Porch has totally flipped! For starters, the bar hosts Flip Cup tournaments on the first Tuesday of each month. For those who’ve never played — or for those who’ve played but were too drunk to remember the specifics — Flip Cup involves two teams of up to five players; the first team to slam their beers and flip their cups over by gently tapping the bottom of the cup wins. But really, everyone wins, because everyone gets inebriated! If Flip Cup’s not your thing, try Flip Night on Wednesdays: Flip a coin, and if you guess the toss correctly, your drink is free. Or maybe you’re not the flipping kind. In that case, you can take advantage of the Front Porch’s Hello My Name Is drink specials. It’s simple: If your name is on the calendar, you drink free all night long. Rejoice, all ye Toms, Sarahs, Daves, Amandas and Jasons — and woe to those whose hippie parents named them something weird.