Word on the Street About Flip Night

“Why 4 stars? Well…they seem to have an unusual method of payment here. You get your drinks…and then you bet the bartender on a coin toss whether you pay or not. Not double or nothing – just “are you paying or not” for your booze rounds. Our party with the Kraine Station locals had come up to about 8 people. I believe American quarters tend to have a slight bias for coming up tails when flipped and not heads. Over the course of 3 rounds, with increasing people at the bar counter (when we could make room), each time someone ordered the drinks, they looked to me and said ‘Call it?’ I invariably said ‘Tails’ each time. We got 3 rounds of free booze and beers. Better luck next time, bartenders (we did, of course, tip).

Eventually the crowd thinned out and we left an hour later to bounce down the street to another venue. I have no idea if ‘the scene’ is like that every night, but if it is, it’s easy to see why they were packed like they were. Music, a wide spectrum of people and dress that doesn’t reek of scent, and the approximate odds that you’re going to end up with a 50% bar tab that night – or nothing, if you get lucky.  (I’ll leave the interpretation up you…eventually, something has to roll your way, right?)”

Stephen K. from Denver

Thanks, Stephen! Come down and join us tonight for Flip Night at The Front Porch!