What’s Hot at The Front Porch

The Front Porch has long been one of Denver’s hottest bars. We do not have DJ’s, dancing or bottle service. But what we DO have more than makes up for it, and consistently puts us at the top of reviewer’s lists. Here’s a look at what’s hot at The Front Porch:

1. Calendar

Best known for our monthly calendar featuring three first names every day of the week, ours is a calendar with real value. If your name appears on any given day, you get to drink FOR FREE the whole night. There are no strings attached. It’s our way of saying “thank you” to our loyal customers.

Find out how you can increase your chances of getting your name on our calendar.

Click here for tips on how to best take advantage of your name night.

2. Flip Night

Another chance to drink for free, Flip Night happens every Wednesday at The Front Porch. This is how it works: order a drink (or a whole round for your friends), we flip a coin, you call it, and if you guess correctly, your drink – or round – is free. Again, no strings attached. Try your luck every Wednesday at The Front Porch.

3. Weekends

Weekends are always busy times at The FroPo. Before dinner drinks, after dinner drinks, girls nights out, bachelor parties, etc. – these are just a few of the reasons people come visit us. Drop by some Friday or Saturday night and join the fun.

4. Birthdays

Recently it seems like more and more Denverites are opting to spend their birthdays with us at The Front Porch. If we have enough advance notice, sometimes we even accommodate a request through our Facebook page to put a birthday girl or boy’s name on our calendar on their birthday. But again, we give preference to our most loyal patrons.

5. Facebook

There’s always a lot of activity on our Facebook page. Like us here if you haven’t already: