Newest review on Yelp – Thanks, Whitney!!

“From what I hear, this place has good specials and flip night which is rare in these tough times. However, last night we stumbled across Front Porch because it’s across from ComedyWorks, so we ducked in for a quick drink before the show…and ended up missing the show because we liked this place enough to stay!

Apparently, this was THE night to stumble across this place because Liftopia was doing a promo there and had an open bar tab available to whomever walked in and partook with the Liftopia shindig. Psh, 4 drinks and a shot later, we were getting wiggly with some dudes we met (who happened to live IN our building, ON the same floor…and they ski. Badass.)

The bartenders were friendly and good looking, the whole place had that ‘woody’/but still modern feel and it was just a fun vibe.”

– Whitney S., Denver, CO