How to Make the Most of Your Name Night at The Front Porch

At The Front Porch on 15th Street in downtown Denver, our Name Night calendar is our claim to fame. Published monthly, each day of the week (except Wednesday) features various first names. The lucky individual to have his or her name selected for the designated date gets to drink for free all night. There are no catches. Just free alcohol.

Here are a few tips on how to make the most of this golden opportunity at one of Denver’s hottest bars:

1. Get on the calendar

This, of course, is the first step. If you want to get your name on our calendar, come in and visit us often during the month prior to the next calendar’s publish date (for example, come in March if you want a chance to be on April’s calendar). Write your name on the chalkboard in the bar. Get to know the bartenders. Become our friend and we will become yours.

How do you know if/when your name gets on our calendar? Like our page on Facebook, friend us, or check our Calendar page on our website to find out.

2. Tell your friends

Once you find out your name is on our calendar, share the good news with all your friends, and invite them to join you. Chances are one of your friends shares your name night. (If not, try not to gloat too much.)

3. Designate a driver

Let’s not mince words. You’re going to drink. A lot. Plan ahead and pick a designated driver. Or put the number to a taxi in your phone ahead of time.

4. Bring your ID

Not only do you need your ID to get in the door (The Front Porch is a 21+ only establishment), you will need it at the bar to prove you are who you say you are. No ID with your name on it, no free drinks.

5. Patch up

Since you know you will be drinking a lot, it might be wise to invest in some Zaca patches before heading out. Haven’t heard of Zaca patches? You need to. They are recovery (a.k.a. “hangover”) patches that you put on before you start drinking and are infused with vitamins and minerals to counteract the dehydrating effects of drinking that can make you have bad mornings. Why not have a feel-great morning instead? Buy some at your local liquor store or order online.

6. Pace yourself

We are open from 5 pm to 2 am. If your name is on our calendar for that day, you drink FREE the entire time we are open. You do the math. Slow and steady wins the race.

7. Have fun

That’s it. Just have fun. Enjoy the opportunity to get free drinks all night without having to flirt with anyone to get them!

8. Check the following month’s calendar to see if you can do it all over again!