High Roller

For those of you who think you’ve dropped a lot of cash on a bar tab in your day, we direct you to this receipt from the exclusive Cavalli Club in Dubai that made its way around Twitter last week.

It’s from a January 2nd birthday party at the nightclub that resulted in a final bill of 387,988 dirham, or $105,431 US.

For those scoring at home, the bill lists 16 bottles of Cristal champagne of various sizes, including a 6L entry that goes for $34,036.75 all by itself. Almost $80,000 was spent on bubbly alone.

You don’t have to be a big spender to have a great time at The Front Porch. We have an awesome happy hour and its one of the best places to be on a Friday night. Especially if you’re Thomas, Kim, or Julian – you all drink FREE!