Book of Mormon/Flip Night!

If you have seen a constant buzz of people around the Denver Center for Performing Arts, it’s likely because the Book of Mormon is back on stage. Brought to you by the hilariously twisted minds of South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Park, the show, which plays through November 24, follows the adventures of a pair of eager Salt Lake City teenagers undergoing their missionary services in Uganda. Armed with the gospels of Joseph Smith, the duo go upon their quest of converting locals with direct quotes from the Book, that seem to get zanier by the minute.

With four star reviews left and right, tickets can be tough to score. But we have an insider tip that will help you avoid the steep prices. Read here and find out how you can win the lottery and see the show for just $25.

Oh, and tonight is FLIP NIGHT at The Front Porch so come on down and try your luck at scoring some free drinks!