Best Hangover Cures

Drinking entirely too much can wreak havoc the morning after. It isn’t very fun waking up with a splitting headache that feels like an army of little men inside your head using your brain as a bass drum. Or how about the morning you wake up and your stomach is churning at the speed of an F5 tornado? Curing the hangover is where the avenues of science and art meet:

1. Topping the list is the simplest way to cure your hangover… keep drinking. When you fall off a horse you have to get up, dust yourself off and get back on the saddle. Same thing applies to hangovers. The sooner you start drinking the better you will feel! Remember this is a temporary fix as you are only delaying the onset of the next hangover.

2. When you wake up and still have enough beer in your belly to fill a fish tank it’s time to take action. Nothing soaks up alcohol better than fried food. Get to the closest location that serves chicken tenders and French fries.

3. Traditional methods such as Advil and a gallon of water have also been known to rid the common hangover.

4. Hit the gym and rid your body of the toxins. Working up a sweat will speed up the recovery process. Follow the workout with a steam shower or sauna.

5. A positive attitude! It is possible to will your body to feel better with the help of a strong mind.

– A PSA from your friends at The Front Porch