5 creative beer pong table ideas

Our game of choice at The Front Porch is flip night. But we aren’t opposed to other games, say beer pong for example. Here are 5 creative beer pong table ideas taking you into the weekend!

Snow Beer Pong Table

When life hands you snow make snow beer pong tables! This table feature embedded cup holders that keep your beer nice and cold while you play. Just don’t use yellow snow when making your own.

Beer Cap Pour Table

This table uses hundreds of beer caps to create a mosaic of a beer pouring into a beer mug, surrounded by a patterned frame.

Guitar Table

This table rocks! Har har. The table is shaped like two guitars that are connected in the center, and are propped up by storage bins – how classy!

TV Bottle Cap Table

Not one, not two, but three TVs along with some tasteful bottle cap designs are built into this beer pong table. We bet this monster has negatively affected some GPAs in its career.

Eight Person Beer Pong Table

This Michigan State themed beer beer pong table allows for up to eight people to play beer pong at once. How? No idea, but it sure looks rad.