Top 5 Unique Facts About Colorado

Colorado certainly has a lot of “first”, “largest”, “highest” and “tallest” when it comes to unique facts about the state. It was hard to narrow the list down to just five. Take a look at what made our Top 5 Unique Facts about Colorado. Did you know…

5. Colorado is the only state in history to turn down the Olympics.

When Denver was offered the 1976 Winter Olympics state voters said “no” to curlers and bobsledders. Due to the cost, pollution and the population boom it would have brought to the city and state, 62% voted it down. Why do you need the Olympics when you already have ski joring?

4. Colorado has ski joring.

Imagine a horse galloping at full speed down a slick, snowy downtown street. Now, imagine that horse pulling a skier over snow jumps and through obstacles. We give you ski joring. Few states offer this spectacle. Luckily, Coloradoans can enjoy it each winter in Leadville, Colorado. Check it out this March!

3. Colorado has the biggest nuggets – gold and silver that is.

Miner Tom Broves found the biggest gold nugget in Colorado, weighing in at 135 ounces, near Breckenridge in 1887. Today that single nugget would be worth approximately $165,000. At 1,840 pounds, the largest silver nugget was found in an Aspen mine in 1894.

2. Colfax Avenue, in Denver, is the longest continuous street in America.

Linking the plains to the mountains, this major thoroughfare is widely considered the “Gateway to the Rockies.” At 26 miles in length, it would make for the perfect marathon route. It is hard to believe no one has thought of that yet…

1. Colorado has 15 craft breweries for every 500,000 people, ranking #5 of all states.

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