The Ugly Sweater Run Denver

Looking for a way to run in the holiday spirit? Well get ready to raid the closets of your parents and snag the ugliest holiday sweater you can find. The Ugly Sweater Run, dubbed “the ugliest 5K on the planet,” is coming back to Denver tomorrow! Holiday themed aide stations, snow machines at the start line, reindeer games, and rockin’ holiday tunes celebrate the season. The rules for the Ugly Sweater Run are simple: anyone can participate, the dress code is an ugly sweater, and by the end, runners are able to go sledding with hot chocolate and Sam Adams Winter Lager in hand. Awards for best real mustache, best fake mustache, best beard, worst sweater, and best sweater will be handed out.

Also, a reminder that tonight’s name night calendar is looking good if your name is Tim, Nelly or Amanda – you are drinking free tonight!!