The Front Porch: Part Of American DNA

There is a Reason we are called The Front Porch Bar

That is because porches make us feel good. It is a place where we can sit american front porch2and relax, enjoying the company of family and friends. It is truly a part of our american identity.  How did this happen?

The porch has existed since prehistoric times.

The first appearance of the porch in modern history is in Ancient Rome and Greece.   The first structures were shaded spaces around an interior garden. Loggias appeared in the middle ages in Italy, that provided a shaded outdoor space.

The origins of the American Front Porch are not very clear

What is know is that through foreign inspiration the architectural concept of porch as we know it today was born. American architecture developed through time as a complex fusion of different cultures.

american front porch 3In the colonies porches did not exist as a common denominator until mid eighteenth century. The influence of climate is a key factor in the evolution of the american front porch. Porches grew first and most quickly in the south. Since colonial times all  through present times the front porch has been present in american culture, architecture and way of life.

Come to our Front Porch Bar in Denver, where we will make you feel just like if you were in your own porch. And remember tonight is Wednesday! And you know what that means Tonight you Flip for your Drink!!


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The Front Porch is located on 1215 15th Street, Denver, CO 80202Coin
On the northeast side of the street (across the street from the CU School of Business building). Click here to see the map.

We are open daily until 2am.

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