Increase Your Chances of a Free Tab at the Front Porch

“That’s it, your name is going on the board!
One more disruption and it’s detention. Got it?”

I still get chills when I think of Mrs. Robertson catching me sneaking notes or talking to my best friend in class. It rarely reached the point of detention, but the humiliation of seeing your name singled out on the chalkboard still makes my stomach clinch and my heart race. Not that I was a bad or disruptive kid. I don’t want to come off sounding as if I was the rebel in my school, because I really wasn’t. I was what the teachers often referred to as “excitable”, which my parents thought was awesome, but Mrs. Robertson, not so much. Well, you know how the old saying goes “if you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t, change your attitude” – or something like that. And the Front Porch in downtown Denver is doing just that, changing your attitude about having your name written on the chalkboard.


At the Front Porch, your name on the chalkboard doesn’t mean shame and humiliation, it could mean FREE DRINKS!!
How’s that for an attitude changer? Every month, the Front Porch dedicates each day of the month to three random names. Except Wednesdays, that’s Flip Night, another way of drinking for free…
But back to the chalkboard. If your name appears on our calendar, then you drink for free. But first, you have to let us know you name, and to do that, we have a chalkboard at the bar. Write your name on the board, work up a little charm. and your name could appear on next month’s calendar.


The great thing about the Front Porch is not only the cheap (if not altogether free) drinks; it’s giving all of our customers a fair chance to drink for free. No matter what your name is.
So, when you come into the Front Porch, take a moment to put your name on the chalkboard. It’s a good thing. And, if you chat up the bartender a little, you may just get your name on the actual calendar for the following month.
No more humiliation at seeing your name on the chalkboard, and no more complaining that your hippy parents ruined free drink night for you by calling you Moonbeam. Take charge of your destiny and put your name on the chalkboard so we have a chance to put it on our calendar. Then sit down, have a drink and a laugh with the great patrons of the Front Porch. After all, we are the hottest bar in Denver and a great place to do a little networking and meet some great people. And like I said, getting a little friendly with the bartender never hurt anyone, and it may even get your name on the calendar sooner than you think.

Cheering At Bar

And hey, if none of that works, there’s always the chance to win free drinks on Flip Night Wednesdays!