How do you get your name on The Front Porch’s calendar?

Our Name Night Calendar lets you drink for free

What is your calendar all about? Every month we publish a new calendar. Each day of the week (except Wednesday) will have three or four first names. When your name is listed for a designated date you drink for free all night. There are no catches. Just free alcohol. That takes us to the most important question that everyone is asking:


How do I get my name on your calendar?

The calendar is produced the month prior to its publishing; for example: February was done in January. If you would like to get your name to be listed for Name Night here are the steps:

  • come in as often  as you can
  • submit your name(s) by writing it on our chalkboard by the bar
  • get to know our bartenders, this will increase your chances of getting selected

So if your name didn’t show up on our calendar this time around, repeat the previous steps for chances on next month’s Name Night Calendar.


February name night calendarHow exact does your name have to be from the one on the calendar?

If your name is the same, but spelled differently no problem! If your name is an abbreviated version of the name on the board we’ll make an exception for you as well. But only if it is legit. For example, if the name is “Patrick” and you are “Pat” you can drink for free. If the name is “Debbie” and you are “Deb” you can drink for free. If the name is “Bill” and you are “William” that works too. Not sure? Check with the bartender.

We’ll check your name on your ID, that’s how we’ll know who you are. So nicknames don’t apply.

What happens on Wednesdays when there is no Name Night?

Flip Night at The Front PorchWednesday are for Flip Night’s at The Front Porch, and last week’s blog was all about Flip Night. So if you missed it, click here! And guess what, today is Wednesday, so come flip a coin for a chance to get your drink free. Yes, that easy… And while you’re in, get your name on our chalkboard! No more excuses, if you want to get your name listed: come often, write it on the board and make a new friend.


See you tonight at Flip Night tonight!

The Front Porch is located on 1215 15th Street, Denver, CO 80202
On the northeast side of the street (across the street from the CU School of Business building). Click here to see the map.

We are open daily until 2am.

For our current calendar click here. You can also friend us on Facebook and Google+, we post daily on which names appears on our calendar on each Name Night. Our March Calendar will be published real soon. So keep checking.


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