Denver Beer Festivus 2013

Denver hosts more than its fair share of beer festivals. However, none of these events showcase Denver breweries quite like the Beer Festivus, a beer festival for the rest of us. The second annual Denver Beer Festivus is coming up December 14th from 2-6 p.m. at the McNichols Building at 144 West Colfax (corner of West Colfax and Bannock). So you still have plenty of time to plan!

Last year’s festival featured 19 breweries with roughly 500 craft beer enthusiasts and a dance party. This year’s Festivus will feature at least 24 breweries, from area breweries beer drinkers have come to know and love! And as always, we will be waiting for you to carry on the night! Can’t wait that long to come see us? We will see you tonight for Flip Night!!