A Special Name Night at The Front Porch: Abby and Tom’s Story

Tonight marks a special Name Night at The Front Porch. We have dedicated it to two names that seem normal enough: Abby and Tom. But there’s a reason both names appear on our calendar on the same day. Check out Abby and Tom’s story below:

“In April, I came in for my birthday with a large group of friends. After being there for a while, I saw the man of my dreams! I wanted to talk to him, but it was loud, crowded and my friends were trying to move on to the next bar. Before I left, I had to make sure I gave this man my number but didn’t have any paper, so I took the only thing I had, a dollar bill, and put my name and number on it. I ran over to give it to him while saying ‘Don’t waste this,’ and left. I later thought I would never hear back from him and wished I had been able to talk to him. To my surprise, 3 days later, he called me and we went on our first date a couple days later. We have been dating ever since and neither of us have ever been happier.

The reason I am telling you this story is in hopes that it inspires you all to put our names (Abby and Tom) on the same night so that we can celebrate together in the place that we we met. I think our story is fun so I hope you do too!”

– Abby Leigh Barry

Thank you for sharing your story, Abby. This Name Night’s for you!

Abby and Tom at The Front Porch

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