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October Calendar Published!

It’s a new month, which means new names have been posted for Name Night! Check out our October calendar to see if you’re a lucky winner of a night of free drinks at The Front Porch!

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  • Andre Walker

    Hey my birthdays on halloween what can I do to get my name on that list? I go to the front porch a lot and put my name on the chalk board but it seems my name isn’t common enough to get chosen!

    • thefrontporch

      The calendar is produced by mid month prior to it’s advertisement. October was done in mid September. The way to get your name up is to be around often during the mid months and get to know the bartenders well. That being said when you put your name up on the request chalk board located above the couch it would be easier to remember and also less likely of a chance for someone to erase it so they can create space for their name. Unfortunately there isn’t much that can be done at the moment since the calendar for October already exists. I would say that the possibility for your name to come up in November is high but that can only be solidified if you were to heed the advice that was given earlier in this email to make that happen. I’ll make a note of it and the next time your in and make notice of yourself then I can more then likely make it happen and more so on a day of your choice with the exception of Wednesdays, that is our flip night.