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It’s Flippin’ Wednesday Again at the Front Porch

Heads! No, wait…Tails!

Let fate decide the price of your next drink

Let fate decide the price of your next drink

There’s a 50/50 chance you’re drinks are free tonight at The Front Porch in Denver, CO. If you can sneak a peek at the up-facing side before the coin is tossed, it turns out you’ll actually have a 51/49 chance in favor of the up-facing side being the winning side. But, if you work it right, there’s a 100% chance that you will get a free drink, with or without the coin.


Ask and ye shall receive

Friends DrinkingWhen you are at the Front Porch, you are among friends, and friends buy friends drinks, so even if you don’t win your drinks at the bar, striking up a conversation, flashing a smile and being friendly is always a good way to get a guy to offer to buy you a drink. There are also the cliché tricks like “flash a little cleavage” or “stand alone at the bar” or “make friends with the bartender”, or even easier… “just ask!” It’s as simple as that. Despite that fact that this is 2014 and gender roles are getting more and more muddled, or non-existent (which is great), when standing in a bar, the old school chivalry of buying a lady a drink still exists, so don’t be shy, just ask. On the other hand, since this is 2014, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that a guy can just as easily walk up to a group of girls drinking at the bar and say “hey, which one of you pretty ladies would like to buy me a drink?” More often than not, you’ll get your free drink and maybe even a couple of new friends for the night.

 The hottest bar in Denver

The hottest bar in town

The hottest bar in town

At the Front Porch, the drinks are cheap and plentiful, so no one is going to go broke from buying that guy or girl a couple of drinks. And, if not, then take your chances at the bar. Flip a coin, and let fate decide. Either way, you’re going to have a good time, with good people, and cheap drinks and the Front Porch.


To Your Health!!

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